Use Coconut oil as make-up remover, body lotion, shave cream, and penetrating hair treatment. Organic, cold-pressed & extra virgin coconut oil for hair and body.

Restoring Coconut Oil & Moringa Leaf Mask



Moringa Oleifera trees have been called the "tree of life." Every bit of the Moringa contains a nutritional element: the bark, its oil & the leaves. It's noted far & wide in vast amounts of literature as the cure for hunger, so it's no surprise that it's great for your skin too. Moringa leaves are made up of 18 amino acids and around 30 antioxidants. It removes impurities while rejuvenating the skin. Mix coconut oil with dried Moringa leaves to your preferred consistency and you. are. set. Leave on about 10-15 minutes & then wipe off. 

If Moringa Oleifera is new to you or you'd like to find out more, is a great place to start. 

Turmeric Face Mask


Why turmeric?? Because turmeric has been used for centuries to treat acne, blackheads, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. It helps heal and prevent dry skin, slows the aging process, diminishes wrinkles, keeps skin supple and improveselasticity. It's used daily by East Indian women as a facial cleanser and exfoliant. So adding coconut oil only seems logical! You want it to be a touch grainy so add more turmeric than oil. Leave on 10-20 minutes & rinse & wipe with lukewarm water. Staining could occur if left on longer or used daily so make this a treat for your skin!


Hydrating Coconut Oil & Raw Sugar Scrub


Sugar inherently acts as a humectant, that means it attracts & absorbs moisture from the air & draws it into the surface, in this case, your skin. This is what gives it the ability to moisturize. Sugar also contains naturally occurring glycolic acid. This characteristic encourages cell regeneration and goes hand-in-hand with sugar's exfoliating properties. This scrub can be a lifesaver for an Eczema flair up. It's a simple recipe that's great for dabbling, adding an essential oil is a perfect addition. Use it as a body scrub too, or leave it on longer as a mask & let the sugar work its magic!  Mix the ingredients to a consistency of your liking and voila, ready to apply.