Use Coconut oil as make-up remover, body lotion, shave cream, and penetrating hair treatment. Organic, cold-pressed & extra virgin coconut oil for hair and body.

Honey, Ginger & Coconut Oil Power Mask

Honey, Ginger, Coco Luxe Coconut Oil. That's it. Possibly the most powerful trio you'll ever put ON your face...not to mention if you put them IN your face (you know, eat them!) Honey & coconut oil are the moisturizers of all moisturizers, as well as bacteria fighters & anti-aging combatants. Ginger contains over 40 antioxidants alone, that translates into increased blood circulation, nutrient delivery, free radical damage control, & the beloved elasticity. This mask is a breeze to make too! Finely chop your ginger root, add your coconut oil, then mix in your honey (equal parts honey & coconut oil, give or take). Then slather this powerful bit of perfection all over your face, let it be for 10-20 minutes, then rinse.