Frequently Asked Questions. 

+What are the ingredients in Coco Luxe?

Just coconut oil. There are no perfumes or dyes, just 100% organic coconut oil. It gets its coconut-ty smell & texture naturally.

+ Will my coconut oil be liquid or solid when I get it?

It depends on the weather. Above 76° F it will be liquid & below that temperature it will solidify. To loosen up a tube of solid coconut oil, massage it gently in your hands or run it under a warm tap for a sec. In particularly cold temperatures unscrew the cap & take advantage of the larger spout. We haven't altered the molecular structure & nothing has been added or taken away, so its consistency depends entirely on the temperature in which it’s stored. For a thicker consistency, chill it until it's your ideal consistency.

+I'm allergic to coconuts, can I still use Coco Luxe without adverse effects?

No, you can't. If you're allergic to coconuts, more than likely you're allergic to the oil too.

+What about other nuts, like peanuts? Are they processed in the same facility?

You're in the clear. Coco Luxe Coconut Oil does NOT use the same equipment to make other nut oils or foods.

+What's the difference between Coco Luxe & the other coconut oils you find in the cooking section at the grocery?

There are 2 major differences that set Coco Luxe apart from other brands: 1.) The superior quality of our oil. It’s not likely you’ll find one of the same caliber. No fragrance, fractionations or additives, it smells & tastes like a fresh coconut. You can read more about the quality of our oil HERE 2.) The packaging. Convenient & functional. It's much easier to implement coconut oil as part of a daily beauty regimen in the tube..

+Can I eat Coco Luxe?

Please do. It's great for cooking & baking. Because it’s unrefined, it will impart a coconut-ty flavor, great for desserts & the perfect substitute for butter. Not to mention the nutrients readily available that are inherent to coconut oil. Read more about the benefits of eating coconut oil HERE.

+Can I travel with Coco Luxe? Won't it Leak?

Take this tube anywhere your heart desires, it is the quintessential travelling companion. No leaks, guaranteed. If it does-you need to give us a call. It was made with the traveler in mind & it has been put through the ringer to make sure it's ready to go at the drop of a dime…We’re not the only ones to test it though- Take a look at how Coco Luxe holds up when Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama put it to through the

+Is Coco Luxe Available in Stores?

Yes. We add new stores every week, click HERE for a current listing of where we can be found, maybe near you.