Coconut Oil Is Known To... 

+Contain Anti-Aging                Properties.           +Prevent Grey Hair.     +Heal Diaper Rashes, Cuts,    Burns, Scars.       +Increase Oral Health.       +Freshen Breath.   +Detoxify Your Body with        Oil Pulling.                       It Can Be Used To...  +Shave Your Legs.                 +Remove Makeup.             +Clean Your Face & Body.   +Moisturize.                         +Heal & Prevent Acne.       +Brush Your Teeth.

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  • I am traveling in Chile right now, I took a couple of tubes and have used it for a lot of things. I have cooked with it several times. I ran out of face moisturizer and was so thankful I had it on hand and I always use it on my hands and feet! Love the way they feel afterwards and the sweet coconut smell this oil has makes me feel great. Love having this little tube around!
    — Camille C.
  • Coo Coo for Coco Luxe. Nothing else comes close, never leave home without it!!!!!
    — H. Roche
  • I absolutely love this idea! I've never bothered to travel with coconut oil, well I never thought of it - until now! I love that this tube is easy to transport and lets me take my beloved coconut oil everywhere I go.
    — Bren D.
  • Putting coconut oil in a tube is a brilliant idea. If the coconut oil is too solid in winter to squeeze out of the tube, I run some hot water over the tube. The material the tube is made from allows the coconut oil inside to soften up so it can be squeezed out. I love this product. Truly handy.
    — Hana
  • Love this stuff! Gave it to everyone on my list as a stocking stuffer. A big hit!
    — Cara
  • I have to tell you--We were at an outdoor wedding last weekend and the kids wanted to roll around in the grass (as kids will do), but this of course made them super itchy. They were crying and whining but everything had just started and we couldn't leave. Then, I remembered I had stuck my Coco Luxe Organic tube of coconut oil in my bag! I rinsed them off with water and put the coconut oil on them. Problem solved! No more itchies!!! Yay!!
    — Deborah, Shopping From the Heart, Hip Mom Blog
  • Lovin' my tubes of Coco Luxe! One is always in my purse! But I have a few tubes scattered around the house. This stuff is great!
    — Amy H., Young Living Oils Representative
  • Coconut Oil in a Tube via Coco Luxe, coconut oil is the wonder woman of beauty products! I use this stuff as lotion, make-up remover, Chapstick, hair softener & more! This convenient tube is just right for the traveling gal.
    — KeepMeWild2015
  • The neatest thing since sliced bread! Organic, unrefined, extra virgin COCONUT OIL in a tube!! You'll never go back to scooping your fingers into the jar to retrieve your favorite moisturizer and hair conditioner again.
    — Mother's Nature, A Natural Market